The Wave

This Wave is meant to accommodate a flexible performance space for theatre, circus and music performances alongside with a cafe, an urban garden, workshops, restrooms and storage space. The site is approximately 300 sqm and will accommodate about 100 people.


The wave is created to be a ‘alien’ object inside the existing frame of the site. Its designed in a way that a promenade connects the ground and upper level where the garden is situated. The site on ground level is divided in 2 armospheres. This allows to have different activities at the same time. The side that the seats are facing is the stage area, the back side of the structure forms circularion and inhabits all the determined functions such as the kitchen, bathrooms and the workshop. We wanted the wave structure to keep its transparency and thats why we chose to make these functions as independent entities under (workshop bathrooms) or attached to the structure (kitchen). That way we tried to answer to our concept of having this one flowing and transparent space where the wave physically divides the space but not visually.


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Risks and challenges

Despite the complex geometry of the project, we’re confident that we are going to be able to build a project rather close to the design presented hereby even though some alterations will happen along the design process depending on the funding we manage to get.

On the other hand, Valparaiso is situated in an earthquake area. The latest one occurred this year on the 17th of September. To make sure the building is safe we will adapt the design to those issues. We will only use the best suitable available materials to make the construction stable and safe while working with a structural engineer.