SCS fall 2015 Valparaiso: The Wave

Public Performance Space, Ecuador 428, Valparaiso, Chile

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Publicity and videos

by malensmoe

The Wave has been published on both Architizer and ArchDaily !

Skjermbilde 2015-12-28 kl. 15.25.32

Skjermbilde 2015-12-28 kl. 15.25.54

Also, we have two videos for you, one that shows our stay in Valparaiso:

And a timelapse from the building site:

Merry christmas and a happy new year from the Scarcity and creativity studio.


AHO Works

by malensmoe


We are exhibiting The Wave as part of the AHO Works Studio Exhibition. The Exhibition is open this weekend and the next week:
Saturday and Sunday : 10.00 – 15.00
Monday and Tuesday : 10.00 – 18.00
Wednesday : 10.00 – 15.o0

You can see our project at group-room 4 and 5 at the second floor.

blog exhibition

Welcome ! 


Day 27 – Finale day

by malensmoe

We made it !


blog 2719

Finale day. We went to the site and did the last finishing touches to the structure. Then we cleared the whole site for a little photoshoot – More pictures from the shoot will be able to see at the blog later, but here is a little sneak-peak;


After everything was done we went home to change, today was the first day that we went to site without dirty clothing. When we arrived the site the show had already started. Sitio Eriazo had prepared a long and amazing show for us with theater, circus performance and five different music acts. Also we got a traditional chilean dish served, which was really good. BIG thanks to Sitio Eriazo for making the finale so perfect.


It is with a bit of a heavy heart we leave the site, that we have become so found of. The days has gone by so quick and all the sudden it´s over. On the other hand we are glad to leave The Wave in good hands with Sitio Eriazo, they will for sure take good care of La Ola. Our time in Valparaiso has been amazing. Everyone has given their all to make the project come true. It has been an experience for life. Thanks to all who has helped us – bot financial and physical, and to the neighbors; which not only had to manage living with our noise for four weeks, but also have dropped by occasionally with soda, candy, cookies and a lot of good words.

Good bye for now Valpo !

blog 2717

Day 26

by evadm1

Dear readers,

Tomorrow is opening day and we are very excited!! Today we had to add the final touches to the project. Ofcourse the best was saved for last. Half of the site had to be levelled with earth meaning moving 3 mountains of earth into the site. Best workout ever!

Meanwhile the groups that had to finish something were doing that. This includes for example tensing the rope for the green walls and the finishes of the seats. We also had to tidy up the place even more to make it picture approved.

Tomorrow will be the big opening. It starts around 6PM. There will be food, drinks and hopefully a lot of people. At 7PM we will have a small presentation about the project and after that Sitio Erazio wants to show a part of a play they’re doing in January. It will be interesting to see how the structure interacts with the play.

Goodnight. The Scarcity and Creativity Crew




Day 25 – two days left!

by annaberild

Our structure starts to look like the pre-photos of the project!!
The roof over the kitchen is up and the green wall is almost done. 




Day 24

by malensmoe

We have finished putting up all frames today; the green wall frames are finally up as well. Also the kitchen roof is getting to look really good. And yes, we have build seats and the pathway. We still have something left in that field, but we are getting closer to an end. In the evening we got distracted by a fire in the neighborhood. We got a bit shaky, but luckily all went okay  according to the circumstances.  Before we left the site we got a mini concert by a girl in Sitio Eriazo, kind of like a preview to how the place will work. We all sat in the structure and enjoyed the acoustic music.

Three days left; finale countdown. Stay tuned.

blog 2401

The green-wall frames 

blog 2402

Last frame getting in to place

blog 2403

The site today

blog 2404

We got our own private concert at the site; at the stage area, while we were sitting in the structure. 


Day 23

by evadm1

Dear readers,

The end is coming closer, 4 days until opening night (a night we are so looking forward to). There is still a lot of work to do and we are trying to make it on time.


Firstly, the wave itself is almost complete. We are adjusting seats that were put wrong, even the most perfect students make mistakes, and we are finishing the promenade. Meanwhile Hauk is making the wave escure by adding the railing.

Furthermore we added an extra feature to the site, the kitchen, which is very important to the Sitio Erazio people. Today they helped the kitchen team very well and added their opinions.

Finally, one element is officially finished: the doors !! Congratulations to that team, it costed them blood, sweat and tears!

Goodnight. The Scarcity and Creativity Team.

Day 22

by annaberild





Day 21

by malensmoe

Today we divided in to teams of two and every team had to finish a certain amount of seats before we could take the day. It was really efficient and we got to finish the most of the seating. We only have six days left (tomorrow we start on the finale week) and still a lot to do, so efficiency is really important. The structure is looking really good and it gives the site some amazing shaded areas and good rooms.

Day 20

by evadm1

Dear readers,

First of all I want to tell you today we reached again an important point in our structure. Today we managed to put up the whole primary structure! Every rib is standing and a big part has seating and promenade as well, hooraaaay!

Second today I want to talk a little bit about one of my passions: food, more precisely what do we normally do for lunch at the building site. Since there are a lot of nice food shops around our site we take advantage of that. Usually for lunch we buy warm and fresh bread at the bakery, some meat to grill and cheese from the local stores. As desert of snack we have a little bakery that sells very good cakes, every day you could try another one. Something typical that is drunk here is ‘maté’. A little bucket is filled with local spices, hot water is added and when drunk your concentration increases immediately.


Goodnight. The Scarcity and Creativity Crew