SCS fall 2015 Valparaiso: The Wave

Public Performance Space, Ecuador 428, Valparaiso, Chile

Month: October, 2015


by evadm1

What have we done last week?

We are still quite in the design phase so the most important thing was to make those final propositions and decisions. Since we are divided in groups who have their own tasks and goals, it was important to push these as far as possible. During several meetings this week, we proposed our choices to the whole class and everybody could speak their minds about the pitched ideas.

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Finally, at the end of the week we held a big general meeting where the final decisions were made. Now each group is working on finalising those ideas into detail. That way we now agreed on how the seating will look and work, how we will secure the building site and what the look of the kitchen will be. Meanwhile our structure group is working in close collaboration with our engineering professor Solveig to ensure that the structure will stand. We are now still finding some difficulties in the horizontal bearing of the walkway.

What is remaining to do and how do we organise ourselves?

The most important things we have to sort out now is how the building process will go through a follow-up list, put the 3D model in 2D drawings where all components are shown, the details of every element and for example decide how much screws every connection will need. Furthermore we are working on a poster that will inform the surrounding neighboorhoud on our plans there. We also got the good news from Sitio Erazio  that they have some extra building materials and tools what will cut our costs a little bit. Check out their facebook to see what they’re up to. Finally, we are still in the search for donaters and sponsors.


We have almost reached our kickstarter goal!!! If you’re interested in our campaign, keep on donating untill we reached it!!


About the Wave

by malensmoe

This Wave is meant to accommodate a flexible performance space for theatre, circus and music performances alongside with a cafe, an urban garden, workshops, restrooms and storage space. The site is approximately 300 sqm and will accommodate about 100 people.


The wave is created to be a ‘alien’ object inside the existing frame of the site. Its designed in a way that a promenade connects the ground and upper level where the garden is situated. The site on ground level is divided in 2 armospheres. This allows to have different activities at the same time. The side that the seats are facing is the stage area, the back side of the structure forms circularion and inhabits all the determined functions such as the kitchen, bathrooms and the workshop. We wanted the wave structure to keep its transparency and thats why we chose to make these functions as independent entities under (workshop bathrooms) or attached to the structure (kitchen). That way we tried to answer to our concept of having this one flowing and transparent space where the wave physically divides the space but not visually.


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Risks and challenges

Despite the complex geometry of the project, we’re confident that we are going to be able to build a project rather close to the design presented hereby even though some alterations will happen along the design process depending on the funding we manage to get.

On the other hand, Valparaiso is situated in an earthquake area. The latest one occurred this year on the 17th of September. To make sure the building is safe we will adapt the design to those issues. We will only use the best suitable available materials to make the construction stable and safe while working with a structural engineer.

The Kickstarter fundraising is going well – Thank you so much !

If you still want to contribute, feel free to do so on Kickstarter 
Or by contacting us by mail:

– The more we get, the more we can do for the non-profit group Sitio Eriazo and for the municipality in Valparaiso.
All contributions are much appreciated.

Only Two weeks until the building process is starting. We are all really excited. Keep following us here on the blog and on Facebook and Instagram for updates. 

Thank you!

by malensmoe

First a BIG shout out to our new sponsors:

Grindaker Landskapsarkitekter  and  privat person Jan Træen. 

THANK YOU so much for your contributions ! We appreciate it more than words can describe.

We would also like to thank all of you who have donated, or plans to donate, through Kickstarter. Every little amount is helping us reaching our goal- which is to create an amazing public event space where Sitio Eriazo can preform for the citizens of Valparaiso. Our situation is; the more we get- the more we can do and build.

A short update on our work:

This week we have been divided in groups that have been working on different aspects of finishing the project (on paper). Some have been calculating on figures. Some have been calculating on the structure and dimensions of the construction. Some have drawn details and made design decisions. Some have been reading on regulations and conditions we will meet in Chile. Some have updated our 3D-model of the construction as new decisions have been made. And some have been making 1:1 mock-ups of the structure and details. It has been a busy week, and we expect the next one to busy as well – it is only two weeks left before we start the building-period in Valparaiso !

Here is some photos of the mock-ups and a first glimpse of how the structure will look like :

And please follow us on Facebook and Instagram 

You can still contribute to our project through Kickstarter or by contacting us by mail: 

Do you want to sponsor us?

by malensmoe

As the name of the studio (Scarcity and creativity) suggest we are building on a low budget. And as a part of the work we have done, we have the figures for the prosject almost complete. To say it easy; there is a gap between what we want to build and what our budget allow us to build.

We have worked alot on fundraising but almost all the companies we have asked, have already given away their charity-budget to try to help the refugees crises. This is of course nice! But that meens that we have to go other ways to increase our budget.

What we are trying now allows all of you (personally, companies, organizations and so on) to help us. All you have to do is to back our project on Kickstarter.


The Building phase of the project is going to start in 3 weeks from now and we still need some funds. Our ambition is to raise at least 20 000 NOK. Donations would be fully employed in buying the necessary building materials and tools needed for the construction.

The more money we get, the more we can achieve! In the meantime we are also looking for sponsorship, don’t hesitate to contact us at the address if you are interested or know anyone who might be interested:

Here you can back us, watch how it ‘s going with our found-raising or read more about the project:

Phase 3 done, we have chosen one finale project that we are going to build

by malensmoe

In this phase we have divided the studio in two, where half of the studio have been working on the project called The Wall, and the second half have been working on the project called The Wave. We have worked on all from main concept to structure, budget, detailing- basically all aspect of how to realize the project.

Here is a bit of what we presented:

The Wall

The Wave

And the finale project we are going to build in Valparaiso is:


Read more about this phase and about the Wave here 

If you want to look at the previous phases follow the links below:

Phase 1 Phase 2

We´re on Instagram

by malensmoe

You can now follow us on Instragram; scs_2015_valparaiso Here we´ll post pictures from our everyday-life and work, and of course we will update with pictures when we´re in Chile.

To give you a sneak-peak, here is our first picture;